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What my description of my channel would be if character limits didn't exist.

First off, even though you probably found me through my channel, here it is anyway:

Anyways, you probably want a bit more information on what my purpose on YouTube is. 

My first YouTube channel was made in 2015 when I was a young kid. I used it for nothing. I made another in 2016, and this one in 2017. I stopped using the other two because the passwords were lost. Anyways, I started on YouTube posting videos of things that other people enjoyed, things like elevators, road trips, and hotels. In 2020, I decided to completely rebrand my channel (including changing the name- if you remember my original name,  you are a legend!) and started posting videos of things I enjoyed. In other words, whatever I wanted. If you can think of an item or a thing, try searching it into my channel. You'll probably find it. 

Unlike most YouTube channels, who follow "rules and schedules" (gross) I make my channel under MY rules. In other words, I have no schedule, and I have no criteria for what my videos may include. As stated before- it's a variety channel, with LOTS of things covered! I upload when I want to, and when I have time to, not every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 PM and 12 seconds Eastern Time, like a lot of other, more "sophisticated" channels do. Keep in mind- I have a very busy life, so while I try to upload a lot of content, most times life gets in the way. I try to average 2-3 videos a week, maybe 4 on a good week. 

Contrary to popular belief, my channel is NOT monetized. I attempted to when I hit 1,000 subscribers, then ROYALLY screwed up the monetization application process, bad enough that I'm probably screwed for life. Just remember that- every video I make is purely for either my or your enjoyment, not money. 

There are many playlists on my channel of various things, so be sure to check those out. 

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